Terms and conditions

By paying for the online course order, the user agrees to the conditions below and undertakes to comply with the rules set out therein.

1. General conditions

1.1. The provider of the online course services is the company Sportee s.r.o, náměstí Republiky 2686, Zelené Předměstí, 530 02 Pardubice, Czech Republic, IČ: 07265026, acting within the scope of its business or other entrepreneurial activity (hereinafter referred to as the "Provider" / "Seller").

1.2. The User is a person who has paid for the order of the Provider's online course (hereinafter referred to as the "User" / "Buyer")

2. Subject of service

2.1. The subject of the service is the User's right to access lecturer video lessons stored on the Provider's server and other services of the Provider offered on the Provider's server (hereinafter referred to as the "online course").

2.2. The sample videos serve as an introduction to the online course and to verify technical availability for users. The user has the right to watch these sample videos for their personal use free of charge.

3. Scope of service

3.1. By paying the price of the online course, the User acquires the right to access the ordered online course of the provider for the purpose of his personal education and development.

4. Rights and obligations of the User

4.1. The User is obliged to pay the price of the online course set on the Provider's website, non-cash (ie either on the basis of direct payment by credit card or by bank transfer).

4.2. The user has the right to use the services of the ordered online course.

4.3. Before paying the course fee, the user is obliged to test whether the playback of video lessons works with his technical equipment (hardware and software) and the internet connection used. Free introductory sample videos on the Provider's server are used for this testing. By paying for the order of the online course, the User confirms that the sample video plays without any problems and accepts the same quality and method of playback for the online course itself. The Provider is entitled to reject a later complaint of the User for this reason.

4.4. The user undertakes to comply with the rules set out in Article 10 - Copyright protection.

4.5. The user undertakes not to abuse the reward system for his own purposes. For example, admission for 1 CZK and targeted collection of points to get as many free rewards. If we encounter an attempt to act unfairly, the member may be expelled without the right to a refund.

5. Order

5.1 The Buyer declares that he has read all the information concerning the order on the Provider's server. The Buyer orders the subject of purchase by filling in the electronic order form via the Provider's website. The buyer is obliged to check the order before sending it and possibly correct it. The sent order is legally binding and the buyer and seller have mutual rights and obligations, ie the seller undertakes to provide the buyer with the subject of purchase online course, including all bonuses, and the buyer undertakes to pay the purchase price. By sending the order, the Buyer confirms that he has read the business conditions for the purchase on the Provider's website and that he agrees with them. These terms and conditions, which are also published on the seller's website, are an integral part of the purchase agreement, which is concluded by completing and sending the order.

6. Purchase price, tax document

6.1. You will find all prices of services in the registration form on the Provider's website. Prices are final. The seller is not a VAT payer.

6.2. The tax document will be issued to you on the basis of a paid advance invoice. The tax document serves as proof of purchase of the online course and is sent automatically to the Buyer's e-mail in electronic form.

7. Method and form of payment

7.1. Method of payment
Payment methods are connected to ThePay s.r.o.'s payment gateway, which provides secure technology for accepting payment cards and online bank transfers. You enter payment card numbers, credit cards and passwords for electronic banking using ThePay s.r.o's secure and trusted channel.

7.2. Payment options
a) Online payment card: VISA, MasterCard, payment by bitcoin

b) By bank transfer: Raiffeisen BANK, Fio, KB, mBank and others.

7.3. Bonuses
All bonuses to which the buyer is entitled will be made available in the member section of the program during the online training, provided that the order is duly paid and the buyer has not requested a refund within the warranty period.
8. Recurring payments
8.1. Recurring 30 day fixed payment

8.1.1 If the subject of the purchase is "Call Karate 365!" with a regular 30-day membership fee for a period of one year, the provider uses automatic re-invoicing and request for payment to pay the membership fee. By filling out the sales form, the buyer undertakes to pay a regular fixed membership fee in the amount clearly stated when ordering membership (maximum, however, 19,99$ each month) for the entire duration of the membership. By filling out the sales form, the buyer agrees that this membership fee (clearly stated in advance) will be automatically deducted every 30 days (starting from the date of the order) from the buyer's payment card through which the first payment was made, for the entire duration of club membership. .
8.1.2 If the subject of the purchase is a "VIP membership" with a regular annual membership fee, the provider uses automatic recurring payments by card (so-called reccuring payments) to pay the membership fee. By filling out the sales form, the buyer undertakes to pay a regular fixed membership fee in the amount clearly stated and clearly stated when ordering membership (maximum, however, CZK 999$ per year) for the entire duration of the membership. By filling out the sales form, the buyer agrees that this membership fee (clearly stated in advance) will be automatically deducted each year (starting from the date of the order) from the buyer's payment card through which the first payment was made, for the entire duration of club membership.
8.2. Automatic payment notification

In the event that the order is subject to recurring payment, the buyer is always clearly informed on the sales page of the product about the fixed amount of the regular fee and the way in which membership in the club can be terminated and thus stop recurring payment.
8.3. Termination of program membership and cancellation of automatic payment

Your membership in the Karate 365 Challenge! the buyer can terminate it at any time by sending the online form HERE, or by contacting customer support at academy@ondrejcharvat.cz. If the buyer requests the cancellation of membership after the payment has been deducted, he is not entitled to a refund of this amount. Termination of membership is accepted only from the next payment. After completing the subscription, the buyer's access to the member section is also terminated.

9. Money back guarantee

9.1. Ondřej Charvát guarantees his products with a satisfaction guarantee and a money back guarantee.

9.2. When ordering an online course, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving a reason, within the time horizon specified on the sales page of the product (30 days).

Withdrawal can be made electronically by e-mail: academy@ondrejcharvat.cz with a statement that he is withdrawing from the contract and with a copy of the invoice. The buyer will be sent a corrective tax document with an amount corresponding to the purchase price of the online course. The amount will be refunded no later than 30 days after delivery of the e-mail with withdrawal from the contract. The amount will be refunded by bank transfer. A buyer who has withdrawn from the contract under the 30-day money back guarantee is not entitled to the lessons and bonuses associated with the program published so far.

9.3. Any complaints or objections can be raised by the buyer at any time in electronic form via e-mail academy@ondrejcharvat.cz. There is no special form prescribed for submitting a complaint or objection; the statement of the buyer must always always indicate what his complaint or objection consists of and what form of its settlement he requires. The Provider shall decide on the submitted complaint or objection no later than 30 days from its receipt, provided that the User is notified by e-mail and, if the Provider does not fully comply with the User, justifies its decision.

9.4. In the case of live events, if the User writes at least 6 days before the live event, he has the right to a refund. If the notification of the user's non-participation is shorter than 6 days, it is not the Provider's obligation to return the entrance fee due to the costs associated with the sale of the ticket. The user has the option to resell or donate his ticket to a loved one.

10. Rights and obligations of the Provider

10.1. The Provider is obliged to set the User's access rights to the ordered online course within 3 working days after receiving the full payment or the first payment of the course fee from the User to his account. Course materials will be published gradually.

10.2. The Provider has the right to prematurely terminate the User's access to the online course without compensation, provided that the User violates Article 11 of these conditions.

10.3. By ordering an online course and communicating an e-mail address, the User grants the Provider consent to use this e-mail address to promote its services as well as the services of its business partners. The Provider may adequately inform the User in the form of advertising messages about its other services, resp. about other services of its business partners, using the User's e-mail address, and the User agrees to this. The Provider is obliged to stop sending any advertising messages to the User in the event that the User informs him by e-mail to the address academy@ondrejcharvat.cz.

10.4. In the event of a server failure, the user is not entitled to financial compensation or a refund of the fee paid. The provider is obliged to make the necessary efforts to eliminate technical problems with the server.

11. Protection of copyright and good name of the Provider

11.1. The on-line course is the copyrighted work of the Provider and it does not provide the User with the right to distribute the work further by any means of electronic or other communication or to publish or provide it to third parties in any other way.

11.2. The user undertakes not to download videos from the online course to his hard drive or other off-line or on-line medium intended for storing digital data. Likewise, the User undertakes not to make any audio-video recordings of the played video within the online course. All these and other activities of a similar nature are in conflict with the wishes of the operator and these terms and conditions.

11.3. The user undertakes not to provide third parties with the internet address where the videos of the online course are located.

11.4. The user undertakes to protect his access data (username and password) through which the authorization of access to the online course is performed. The user must not allow third parties to log in under his access data. In the event that the User allows such access to a third party, he bears full responsibility for any damage as if he had committed the abuse himself..

11.5. In the event of a proven violation of this Article 11, the User shall pay the Provider a contractual penalty in the amount of CZK 50,000.

11.6. The User undertakes to refrain from any action that could endanger the good name of the Provider, in particular the publication of false information or an biased evaluation of its services. The user further undertakes to refrain from any unfair competition, including any disincentives to those interested in purchasing an online course. In the event of non-compliance with this obligation, the User will pay the provider a contractual penalty in the amount of CZK 20,000.

12. Terms and important provisions

Online training videos in the member section are not a substitute for exercises performed in person with the coach. This is a distance exercise, and is not considered training with a classic trainer present. It is important to realize that this form of exercise cannot be supervised. Any movement without personal control can result in injury or deterioration. If you want to be supervised, you need to find a personal trainer. The videos here in the member section are a form of educational entertainment and are intended to help people practice karate from the comfort of home. These are not medical coaching lessons. In the case of an application to join the member section, the applicant hereby agrees to the conditions and assumes all responsibility for the online exercise. The videos are only for healthy individuals and in case of any health restrictions it is not recommended to exercise according to them. In the event that the applicant decides to exercise according to the videos, despite his health complications without the consent of a doctor, only he is responsible for his health. Another condition determined by the author of the online videos is that if you do not feel fully able to perform the correct technique of the exercise, it is better not to perform the exercise and find out about personal training with a certified trainer in the city. Videos are recommended for persons under the age of 15 with parental consent, knowledge and responsibility. You assume all responsibility and agree to the provision when logging in to the member section.

13. Final Provisions

13.1. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is or will be invalid, the remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect. The gap thus created will be replaced by an adjustment corresponding to the purpose and meaning of these conditions.

13.2.The User understands that all information provided within the Provider's online courses is intended exclusively for the study purposes of the topic of personal training and karate and martial arts training and serves as general recommendations without knowledge of the specific situation of each User.

13.3. The Provider is not responsible for the way in which Users apply its advice in practice, and therefore does not assume responsibility for specific decisions of individual users and their possible consequences. Personal training, karate and martial arts training is the responsibility of each User and only he bears full responsibility for his decisions. Provision 2950 of Act no. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, therefore it does not affect the legal relations between the Provider and the User.

13.4. These Conditions and the relationship between the Provider and the User are governed by the laws of the Czech Republic.

13.5.Any communication between the Provider and the User takes place electronically in the form of electronic mail (e-mail academy@ondrejcharvat.cz).

13.6. These terms of use take effect on September 1, 2017. The Provider reserves the right to change these terms of use at any time, of which the User will be notified at least one month in advance of the change in terms of use and will be given the opportunity to terminate the contract with the Provider.

14. Rewards and bonuses in case of cancellation or suspension of membership

From the day of suspension or cancellation of membership in the Karate 365! a member of the club or courses loses the right to collected and uncollected rewards, points, bonuses, consultations, private lessons, trainings, videos, materials and any rewards he has collected during his membership or work in the club or course. The claim of any client in this situation cannot be claimed retroactively.