Ondřej Charvát - my story

Founder Online Karate Academy®
Trainer, coach, athlete


"Try to get a little better from each wourkout." 😉

„…on the way since childhood.“

My journey into the world of martial arts and sports began at the age of 4, when I decided to train karate like heroes from movies… :)

Gradually, as time went on and I grew up and changed schools, I trained in many clubs in different cities. Slowly I was gaining coaching experience and different insights and training methods. But I didn't know that someday in the future I will be able to use them...

„… coach since 18… maybe sooner.“

Along with my athlete career has quietly delevoped my coaching career - at first only as a means of training with someone in preparation for competitions... but later also in the form leadership and responsibility for competition training group.

The highlight was the passing of a karate coaching exam at the age of 18 (the youngest possible age).

„…one moment and was everything at the end...or inception?“

One second is enough and in life everything can turn upside down, which was literally in my case. One mistake on the piste when relaxing after the racer's excellent season and everything ended in a "somersault" and a knee rotation of 270°…

And before me was the period of my greatest adolescence and one of the difficult tests of my life. I could choose: "cough up" on everything, get mad at sports and settle for "walking up the stairs" or not give up and take everything for a completely different ending

„…if you learn everything again, at least you have time to think it over.“

Fortunately, I chose the second option. Not to give up and "fight" even if it should be in a different sense than I originally thought. With gusto I threw myself into treatment, surgery and subsequent rehabilition, where I literally "broke" records on exercise bike and other devices... and after several unsuccessful attempts to quickly return to the competition scene, I was able to try the saying:  "Good things come to those who wait."

„…practice just for the movement…for the moment.“

During the two „endless“ years of treatment, rehabilitation and attemps to return, and with the huge support of doctors and close around, whom I thank. Fortunately a book and a movie came to my journey: The Peaceful Warrior's Journey... The coach's sentence from the movie based on real events: „…practice just for the movement...for the moment.“ I realized a lot at that moment…

1st, 2nd and 3rd place from the World Championships

Today I do sports for fun, for the moment, for the movement  at that moment... and the results after this change? 3rd black belt in karate,  higher coaching license, founding my own karate school, working in sports aboard... and finally the competition results...

1st and 2nd place from the World Championships kata team, 3rd place from the World Championships in kumite (sport match), 5th place from the European Championship and 5th place from the World Championships in the individual kata - exercises assemblies - where I enjoy the moment during the exercises

All of which are paradoxically better than the days when I "ran for the results." 😉

I look forward to meeting you at the gym – either personally at our club or here at The Online Karate Academy".

What am I doing today?

I am currently the coach and the chairman of relatively large sports club – Karate Lions Pardubice:

Karate Lions Pardubice

I am the author Online Karate Academy, where you can penetrate step by step into the secrets of the ancient martial
art – karate. 😉 www.online-karate.cz

I was the director of tournament: European Championshop in karate style Shotokan – Pardubice, 2017.

European Shotokan Karate Championship 2017 and World Karate Cup - Pardubice, 2017

And then also the director of the International tournament - Pardubice Open - International Karate Lions Cup.

Personally I devoted to the great number of activities and interests, I had, over time, begin to be interested in working effectively with time and simplify life. All interesting facts and tips from my personal experience and from cooperating "colleagues" can be found on my blog www.ondrejcharvat.cz

and I write advice, training tips and my experiences from training for you on my blog www.ondrejcharvat.cz . 😉

The coach of the year

In the prestigious poll The Athlete of the year, I was awarded Coach of the year (Pardubice, 2017).

The highest coaching license - A

Now, I am working very intensively on getting the highest coaching license A at the FTVS at Charles University in Prague. All the acquired knowledge and experience I try to immediately put into practice.

The athlete of the year

Several times I was named in various polls athlete of the year, karate player of the year, etc. of various organizations and associations. My international experience as a competitor I try to pass on in training.

„…and why am I writing all this for you here?“

Surely you are wondering why I'm actually writing this all to you? As you may have guessed, just nothing happens in life  and we attract to ourselves things that are currently related to what we are experiencing…

„…even if this web helps a single person, it all makes sense.“ ;-)

And so you "attracted" this article to yourself. Maybe because you are experiencing something similar or to realize something, change something, learn something, or pass this information and the web on to someone they could help

„…find inspiration, help with training and possible solutions to your current situation here.“

I look forward to meeting you inside the academy !! 😉