Online Karate Academy

Start training of karate, self defense, physical and psychological


Practise by records and live training.


Get into the mysteries of ancient martial art.

Self defense

Learn to defense and deal with dangerous situations.


Relax the muscles and the mind. Enjoy your life.

Physical training

Combat sports training is great for improving physical condition.

Psychological preparation

Control martial arts and master your mind. ;)

Practice every day

Regularly everyday short lessons within 20 minutes.

Extra training

I will not let you lost when you need to deal with something.

Private lesson

Members of the Academy can arrange a private lesson / tutoring.

Skype / online consultation

I can also advise you via Skype or otherwise online. ;)

An individual way

We can also negotiate in an individual way.

Ondřej Charvát

Your online trainer and coach.
"I'm looking forward to seeing you in the lessons inside the academy." ;)

Free trial

You have nothing to lose, you can only get it!

For whom the Academy is intended

You are on the right place if you answer YES at least once.

  • ... do you want to learn to defend?
  • ... do you want to practice, but you do not have much time?
  • ... do you want to learn karate?
  • ... are you interested in martial arts?
  • ... do you want to practice regularly?
  • ... do you want to learn to control your psyche?
  • ... do you want to improve your physical condition?
  • ... do you want to learn something extra in the exercise?
  • ... do you want to get a karate belt?

Satisfied students

Read reviews from my students and seminar participants.

I was excited about the course and was very helpful. Ondra was very friendly and he always explained the situation. My enjoyment before the start of the course has become a fantastic enthusiasm after the end.
Petra N.
Self-defense with Ondra was very beneficial, and the truth inspired me. Ondra explained everything to us and advised us well. I'm happy and I hope we will meet again sometime
Before I went there, it did not take me much. But then I learned a lot of interesting things and still a fun way. I just hope I will never need it, and if I did, then something was left in my head for that very short time. It was great.
Super.I like the workouts and I always get some experience from them.
The course was at a very high level. Fun, but also hard work ;-). The acquired knowledge corresponded to the length of the course.
A very friendly man with a sense of humor and enormous light.
Pavel M.
The course of self-defense was conducted on a very friendly and open basis. I take many useful tips and insights from the course. Ondra, as a coach, has very good communication skills, he can draw people into their presentation and stimulate their curiosity.
An amazing coach with a fun concept ;-), the beauty under his leadership is learning to defend.
Petra Knedlová
It was amazing, I enjoyed it so much.

...and more.

* Illustrative images are used to maintain the privacy of my students' from courses, individual lessons and seminars ...

(Next) Karate Belt

The online Karate Academy will help you get the (next) karate belt.


Lessons at the Online Karate Academy and individual training sessions will help you prepare for the (higher) belt.


I will help you organize exam for the (higher) technical degree in karate.


Write me if you are interested in some details.


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